About Us

ITEF Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Circle has headquarters at Incometax Towers, Hyderabad. Under the leadership of the President Com M.V.Prasad ,General Secretary Comrade Usha Bonepalliand their team of Circle Executive Body, AP & TS Circle is in the forefront of fighting for achieving the just demands and aspirations of its members.

AP & TS Circle is a pioneer in striving for transparency. It is the first unit of any employee union in whole of India which set up its own website. Union activities and IR are conducted in an open transparent manner. The Circle is a hallmark in evolving the crucial transfer policy in a most transparent manner and following the policy to the rigour.

AP & TS Circle is committed to the ideal of responsiveness. On any issue at the local or national level, AP & TS Circle is known for taking up the issue, fighting against all odds, without fear or favour, and ensure that the issue is resolved. At national level too, our Circle is a vanguard of raising the issues in deliberations of Central Secretariat, Central Working Committee, and all India Conference.

AP & TS Circle is committed to grievance redressal through peaceful negotiations and maintaining cordial employer employee atmosphere, a healthy office environment. But when situations call for, ITEF never budges in waging struggles with unflinching vigour; and forging the employees voice into one strong unitary force of solidarity.

ITEF is also committed to developing new leadership, giving them opportunities to flower, equipping them with skills in reaching out to all members, coordination with administration with a problem solving approach, organising movements, struggles and meetings with excellent team work.

ITEF is committed to employee welfare activities. Infrastructure requirements even in mofussil stations have been proactively taken up and upgradations made to facilities like air-conditioning for Gr. C. etc. Our medical camp is an annual affair, with almost 100 % attendance.

Leaders from AP & TS Circle have made a mark even on the national stage. Recognising the immense leadership potential, General Secretary Com. Usha Bonepalli was conferred with the post of national Chairperson of Women’s Subcommittee of Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers, an umbrella organisation of 186 central government departments including Postal, Audit, Defence Accounts, ISRO, GSI, DRDO etc., in 2013. She was unanimously re-elected for a second term (2016 – 2019). President Com. M.V. Prasad has been unanimously elected as Organising Secretary for Confederation (AP & TS).

Link to ITEF Anthem (composed by ITEF AP & TS Circle on the occasion of CWC meeting at Hyderabad in 2012 ) : (janana .. )

ITEF Anthem (composed by ITEF AP & TS Circle on the occasion of CWC meeting at Hyderabad in 2012 ) : (janana .. )